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Hammer Crusher

Hammer Crusher

【Introduction】:Hammer crusher is a kind of equipment with high production capacity, large reduction ratio and high crushing efficiency

【Capacity】: 5~75t/h

【Improvement】: High-speed hammer impacts materials to crush materials. There are two ways of crushing (Wet and dry)


Simple structure;

Large reduction ratio;

High production efficiency;

Suitable hammer crusher price ;

Variable hammer crusher specification.

【Product Structure】

Hammer Crusher is composed of rack, rotor, sieve bar, hammer, etc. Motor drives rotor through transmission belt, and materials are crushed due to the collision between hammer and materials produced by the rotation of rotor.

【Technical Parameters】

Model Rotation Diameter (mm) Discharge Size (mm) Max. Feed Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kW)
PC-φ600X400 φ600 10 〜30 100 12 〜15 18.5
PC-φ600X600 φ600 10 〜30 100 12 〜18 30
PC-φ800X700 φ800 10 〜45 200 13 〜35 37
PC-φ800X800 φ800 10 〜45 200 13 〜40 37
PC-φ1000X1000 φ1000 8〜60 300 30 〜80 55
PC-φ1000X1300 φ1000 8〜60 200 35〜100 110
PC-φ1000X1500 φ1000 8〜60 300 40〜100 132
PC-φ1200X1600 φ1200 10 〜70 500 100〜250 160

【Successful case】

Hammer Crusher-case

The dolomite dressing plant in Anhui is located in the remote mountain, the ore grade is high but the income is low, finally they chose Xinhai in the process of optimization. According to the ore properties and plant location, Xinhai selected hammer crusher machine for client. The crusher inside is increased grate adjustment device, which can adjust grate gap according to customer requirements, change the discharging granularity, achieving multi-usage, saving manpower, material resources and financial resources.

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