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KYF Air Inflation Flotation Cell

KYF Air Inflation Flotation Cell

【Introduction】:An air-inflation mechanical agitation floatation cell without slurry suction (This type of cell is designed referring to Finland Autoquenpu OK floatation cell).

【Capacity】: 1~38m3

【Improvement】: Taper impeller with its blades sloping backward at certain angle, simple structure, strong agitation ability, and low energy consumption The impeller is equipped with holey cylinder air allocator. The air scattering is uniform and the mixing effect of air and slurry is good U-shaped tank, little sedimentation of sand


Low energy consumption, 30-50% savable;

Solid particles can be fully suspended; high flotation index ;

Long service life of vulnerable parts ;

Mechanical agitation; non-automatic air and slurry suction; ladder is necessary during processing;

It can be combined with model XCF as a flotation cell set, working as direct flow cell

【Product Structure】

KYF air inflation floatation cell has U tank floatation cell and column flotation cell which is composed of impeller, stator, main shaft, bearing body, air adjusting valve, and tank body, as picture shown . KYF air inflation floatation cell is applied in roughing and cleaning of large and middle scale dressing plant aiming to non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal and nonmetal minerals. The range of feeding particle size is 0.3~0.01mm (-0.0074mm contents > 50%).

【Technical Parameters】

Model Effective
Air Pressure of Blower (kPa) Max. Air Inflation Volume
Motor Power for Agitation
Motor Power for Scraper
KYF-1 1 0.2~1 340 281 ≥ 12.6 2 4 0.75 903
KYF-2 2 0.4~2 410 247 ≥ 14.7 2 5.5 1.1 1419
KYF-3 3 0.6~3 480 219 ≥ 19.8 2 7.5 1.5 1885
KYF-4 4 1.2~4 550 200 ≥ 19.8 2 11 1.5 2206
KYF-8 8 3.0~8 630 175 ≥ 21.6 2 15 1.5 3984
KYF-10 10 4.0~10 630 192 ≥ 21.6 2 22 1.5 4406
KYF-16 16 4.0~16 740 160 ≥ 25.5 2 30 1.5 5900
KYF-24 24 4.0~24 800 150 ≥ 30.4 2 30 1.5 7500
KYF-38 38 10.0~38 880 139 ≥ 34.3 2 45 1.5 10300

【Successful case】

KYF Air Inflation Flotation Cell-case

A dressing plant in South Africa planned to purchase a flotation cell to process copper ore, required large capacity, high efficiency and energy-saving. After communication with several equipment manufacturers the customer didn’t get the ideal size, then after communicated with Xinhai technical personnel, the customer chose KYF air inflation flotation cell. This innovation of this cell lies in its unique impeller-stator structure and its tub form. The flow condition of groove state is reasonable, the pulp suspension is steady, the foam layer is stable, and the operating smoothly, there is no need of ore drawing when startup and shutdown, greatly reduced the energy consumption. The ore grade is generally improved after separation, meeting the requirements of

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